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  • How Chief Procurement Officers Can Make Better Informed Strategic Decisions

      Tom Eisenman and John Ray of Setech, Inc., a solution provider company at the upcoming marcus evans Chief Procurement Officer Summit 2013, on giving CPOs the information and tools they need to make strategic decisions.

    Interview with: Tom Eisenman, Chief Executive Officer, and John Ray, Executive Vice President, Setech, Inc.


    Today’s Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) is charged with providing strategic oversight, operational leadership, and an ever increasing role in creating shareholder value. This elevation in prominence comes at a time of unprecedented global pressure to improve asset utilization, mitigate supply chain risk and provide effective direction from data that is often difficult, if not impossible, to manage. Supporting these objectives has led many organizations to better understand the dramatic positive impact that an optimized indirect materials strategy can have on these important initiatives, say Tom Eisenman, Chief Executive Officer, and John Ray, Executive Vice President, Setech, Inc.

    Best in class CPOs demonstrate visible leadership in this effort to align their procurement organizations with the enterprise, ensuring that their company is equipped with the best tools, processes and/or service providers to achieve desired outcomes. Additionally, they understand that most ERP systems may fall well short of enabling indirect spend optimization, and thus look for solutions that provide specific, proven approaches in delivering sustainable year over year value.

    From a solution provider company at the upcoming marcus evans Chief Procurement Officer Summit 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, April 22-23, Eisenman and Ray discuss the tools and information that CPOs need for strategic decision-making.

    From your perspective, what is troubling CPOs today?

    Tom Eisenman: CPOs are obligated to provide strategic direction and operational alignment for the indirect materials and services procured by their organizations. Certainly, one element of this effort is the analysis and management of this spend, traditionally looking for variances that occur primarily around price, availability, quality and risk. With their workforce reduced, they have to become more efficient in this review through improved systems and processes, but also be able to strategically look at the operational impact of their sourcing initiatives. That technical element, supporting positive gains in manufacturing and process effectiveness, is something we often see missing today. This is a direct result of systems that do not provide the information required to support those decisions.

    Can’t they get that information from their ERP Systems?

    John Ray: Their ERP systems do not allow them to extract, analyze and present information easily or in a timely manner. Also adding to this challenge is that these systems are not designed and deployed in such a way as to effectively manage indirect materials as they are typically focused on finance compliance and direct materials management. Often lacking is the ability to analyze data from multiple platforms and systems, all with different designs and operational impact, into a single point of truth as can be provided by the Setech process and system. For example, we often see tremendous variation of ERP solutions within the same enterprise. CPOs need to base their decisions on global, enterprise-wide activities, with the information and performance metrics at their fingertips in seconds. Most large enterprises would take weeks to create this kind of bridge and visibility, as ERP systems are not typically designed for this kind of analytics.

    Tom Eisenman: The second piece is data integrity. Even companies that feel they have the systems capabilities struggle with the process execution necessary to provide sufficient data integrity for indirect materials. CPOs absolutely require greater visibility to enable a systematic focus on that piece of the business.

    Any final thoughts?

    Tom Eisenman: Total cost is critical and must be aligned with the strategic needs of the enterprise. The total cost and life of components must be factored in, as they impact asset reliability and efficiency.

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    About the Chief Procurement Officer Summit 2013

    This unique forum will take place at The Ritz Carlton, Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia, April 22-23, 2013. Offering much more than any conference, exhibition or trade show, this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed industry thought leaders and solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event.

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    About Setech, Inc.

    SETECH provides a flexible menu of solutions that includes systems, consulting and on-site business process outsourcing services for the management of indirect materials. These capabilities are delivered globally; drive total cost outcomes aligned with the enterprise; and provide the data acquisition, enhanced reporting and Key Performance Indicators required by best in class centralized procurement organizations.

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